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Securing Access in a Changing World

The cloud adoption rush and the mobile device explosion has information scattered across resources and applications, both inside and outside the traditional organisational perimeter. Each of these applications and information sources requires unique access, creating “islands of identity” that become increasingly complex to manage—while making it more difficult for users to quickly and conveniently access what they need to do their jobs. As users travel from application to application, gaining quick and seamless access becomes important to them while the security team must enforce policies and processes to maintain a certain level of control and visibility.

If you’re like most organisations, you need a multi-factor authentication solution that can:

  • Provide convenient, secure access options for all your users (employees, clients, partners, admin and casual users—those with smartphones and those without)

  • Offer the flexibility to add new authenticator methods

  • Deliver risk- and context-based identity assurance

  • Support flexibility, user choice and emergency access

Addressing these modern access demands is not mission impossible with the right technology. Download this new white paper to learn what RSA SecurID® Access delivers and how it is possible to get authentication your way – today.

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Today’s enterprises face unprecedented threats as they are increasing their digital operations. Security, risk and IT teams must find new ways to ensure they are securing access and ensuring compliance while supporting the speed of business. RSA provides a modern approach to identity governance that provides unsurpassed visibility combined with advanced risk-based analytics to prioritise actions and share identity insights across the security and risk ecosystem.


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