Protecting Higher Education Organisations

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

The Cloud and mobility have changed academic culture. Students, faculty & support staff need access to data from anywhere, at any time and from any device they choose. The ability to protect your IT perimeter creates a new set of security challenges that educational institutions must meet. It’s critical to protect access to application and data. The following is a typical use case for an education centre that we commonly see:

  • Use of Microsoft Windows 10, Office 365, Azure and Active Directory

  • Staff and students using a blend of corporate and personal devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles)

  • Access to data and systems using shared accounts or potentially weak passwords

  • Hybrid IT infrastructure of systems and data in the cloud and on-premise

  • Varying degrees of knowledge of IT Security good practices

  • Teaching Staff and Students expect 24/7 access to school data and projects

  • Visitors and temporary staff requiring access to certain IT services and internet access

Securience uses Duo Security to provides an affordable and scalable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solution to protect your schools IT users and digital assets.

Unified Access Security

Duo verifies user identities with two-factor authentication and checks the security health of their devices before granting access to Institution’s applications and intranet. This ensures only users and devices that are trusted can access protected data.

Easy To Use Authentication

Give students and staff frictionless secure access with various options for two-factor authentication (2FA) methods based on their preference – from push notifications to phone callbacks. This ensures all logins are seamless and intuitive.

Reduce the BYOD Risk

Get insight into risky devices accessing to your network. Duo checks every device, including user-owned, as it logs in to ensure its running the latest software and security features are enabled. Block risky devices or notify users to update.

Protect Every App

Duo’s Unified Access Security supports all popular cloud and on-premises applications, including Oracle PeopleSoft, which institutions use in portals. Duo’s single sign-on (SSO) gives users access to all apps from a single web interface for easy access.

Curtail Compromised Accounts

Institutions showed a 96% reduction in compromised accounts after deploying Duo across their student populations. And Duo offers phishing campaigns to raise awareness and ensure students, faculty and staff don’t fall victim to phishing attacks.

Cost-Efficient Security

Along with reducing the risk of data loss and protecting applications and data, Duo also helps educational institutions realise cost savings by reducing help desk call volume and support hours.

Duo Security provides a security framework that gives you visibility into and control over your authenticated users and their verified devices, granting them secure access to your applications only after they meet your specific security policy requirements.

Securience is a Partner and Managed Service Provider for Duo Security, and has a great Professional Services team that can help you deploy your solution effectively in accordance to industry best practice.

Securience is an organisation specialising in Identity Management, Access and Governance solutions. The team has extensive experience implementing IAM solutions all around the globe in many different business sectors. Over the years Securience has provided ‘best in class‘ delivery capability to a wide range of organisations.

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