Manage Insider Threats with Broadcom Layer 7 Privileged Access Management

Defend Against Privileged Access Attacks

Reported data breaches have increased by 75% over the past two years,[i] and in the last year, more than 50% of organisations have suffered an insider attack.[ii] Is your enterprise prepared to detect and prevent these threats?

Whether they are obtained maliciously or leveraged inappropriately by a valid user, exploited privileged user accounts are the common thread of most data breaches. As your environment grows increasingly complex, so does the challenge of defending against more sophisticated—and damaging—attacks. Layer7 Privileged Access Management offers a comprehensive solution delivering both network- and host-based controls for the enterprise and hybrid cloud.

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Prevent costly data breaches Protect against costly data breaches by safeguarding the highly critical attack vector of privileged accounts. Automate privileged account access across multiple access points using secure single sign-on.

Control access across platforms Manage your privileged account access across both physical and virtual systems. Protect, monitor, and audit from on premises to the cloud.

Increase security—now Achieve faster time to value through a simple, easy-to-deploy solution that scales to protect thousands of resources across your enterprise. The self-contained, appliance-based solution means there’s nothing extra to buy and no hidden costs.

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Defend Against Targeted Privileged Account Breaches

The most damaging security threats do not stem from external hackers or malware but from trusted insiders—both malicious and negligent.

Businesses must reduce the risk of security breaches to protect valuable data within their organisations by addressing external actors and insider threats. At the same time, IT auditors and regulators are increasingly enforcing ever more stringent requirements on the business.

If your organisation struggles with an increasing number of devices with access to sensitive data, or too many users who have excessive access privileges, now is the time to take action. It may be time to consider a privileged access management solution from CA Technologies, a Broadcom company, to protect your company’s sensitive assets.

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The right privileged access management solution enhances traditional network security and wards off attackers by preventing unauthorised access to privileged accounts with the assistance of behavior analytics and machine learning. Monitor, track, and analyse user behavior to accurately detect high-risk activities by insiders.

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Securience provides a Foundation implementation service that will get you and your organisation protected quickly from Insider threats. We will provide everything you need to start managing privileged accounts, and driving adoption of the solution to the key areas of your business.


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[i] Information Age, “Data Breach Reports See 75% Increase in Last Two Years,” Sept. 3, 2017.

[ii] Cybersecurity Insiders, “Insider Threat 2018 Report,” Nov. 2017.

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