Collect ACLs from large Linux or Windows Server estates

Organisations are getting bigger, faster, smarter and everything is heading towards being digital. Numbers of applications and size of data is growing constantly, making organisations have to manage vast estates of Linux or Windows services, either in the cloud, or own data centres.

In order to manage access to all of these servers, its necessary to collect Access Control Lists (ACL's) or Identity Data from each one. Securience Data Manager allows you to do this with ease, and remove the need for any undesirable custom scripting.

See how easy it is to collect from Linux or Windows servers in our how to videos:

Collecting Linux ACLs:

Collecting Windows ACLs:

Securience Data Manager

Securience Data Manager is a staging and orchestration solution that has a host of connectors enabling integration with all types of end points. Controlled from a web based reactive UI, a user can easily create an integration to an application and format the data as necessary.

Securience Data Manager Integration Workspace

Securience Data Manager is purpose built for efficient collection from thousands of end points, which allows the Identity Management solution to efficiently process the data from a single authoritative source. Technical and Business stakeholders can work together to provide metrics and reports to analyse the sources, which is used to improve the quality and validity of data. Combining the power of workflows and the scheduling engine, Securience Data Manager allows full automation to replace manual effort, creating dependable and audit-able processes. Effort can be further reduced with the ability to export the business configuration to existing main stream Identity Management (IDM) solutions.

About Securience

Securience is an organisation specialising in Identity Management, Access and Governance solutions. We have extensive experience implementing IAM solutions all around the globe in many different business sectors, predominately in the Finance sector (Banking, Trading, Insurance, Pensions), but also in Government, Aerospace & Defence, Telecoms, Retail, Manufacturing and Energy sectors.

Over the years Securience has provided ‘best in class‘ Delivery Capability to a wide range of organisations. This expertise has led to the development of software products being built to compliment and enable rapid reliable IAM deployments.

Securience is head quartered in London, UK, but operates globally.

For further information on Securience Data Manager or Identity & Access Management solutions from Securience, please visit our website, or contact us via email.



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