Identity Data Management

Using Securience Data Manager, we provide Identity Data Management for your business to manage complex security data, providing easy data quality health checks and data cleansing, also providing data enrichment with business context.

As your business grows over time, so does your workforce and application estate, meaning the amount of Identity Data that manages access and authorisation to those applications also grows. Collection of potentially millions of individual application entitlements brings new challenges to managing this data.

Automate Integration

  • Scalable Identity Data Management Platform that provides automation of data integration, data processing and data reporting for Identity Management

  • Rich set of connectors allow integration with virtually any platform type

  • Management of the delivery/collection of files via FTP/SCP or SSH

  • Pre-process data to ensure format is correct/consumable

  • Greater flexibility around collections scheduling

  • Simple deployment architecture

  • Provide a single source of ACL data

Enhance Productivity


Data Manager provides a common interface for collecting information from a large variety of sources including RESTful web services, databases, LDAP directories, files. It also has out of the box integration to many of the leading Identity and Access Management software products.


Designed for use with large data volumes to perform complex data correlation operations. Move large volumes of data quickly and easily through our platform.



Many organisations control access to multiple applications using security groups, Data Manager provides a simple interface to effectively manage Multi-App collection, rather than duplicating collection jobs for each new application.


Collection from almost any type of data source is simple intuitive with the Data Manager Workflow Editor, and helps overcome many technical challenges that customers face when first implementing Identity and Access Management products.


Data Manager can be deployed on-premises or hosted SaaS alongside your existing infrastructure.

Intuitive User Experience

HTML5 compliant User Interface provides drag and drop functionality and right click context menus to aid workflow development.

Product Overview: Data Manager

Data Manager will remove the complexity of collecting ACL data from your organisations complex environment of differing applications. Download the Data Manager Product Overview here.

Certified Blueprint Solution for RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle

Data Manager has been recognised as a Certified Blueprint Solution for RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle for many use cases, but specifically around rapid application onboarding and providing the capability to scale ACL collections in large enterprises with thousands of applications. 

It has been proven that using Data Manager can reduce ACL collection times by up to 80%, allowing your IAM solution to process data more efficiently.

See the Securience Data Manager RSA Blueprints on the RSA Community Website (opens in new window).

Certified Blueprint Solution for RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle

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