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Manage the Complexities of Identity Management from the Data Center to the Cloud

Advancements in technology are contributing to unprecedented business growth and innovation. Cloud computing is at the heart of this business transformation, and today, more than 90 percent of businesses use the cloud in some capacity.

This same cloud technology, though, contributes to an increasing and troubling decentralization of identity controls – just as identity is emerging as the major attack vector.

As IT grapples with the complexities of managing identities from the data center to the cloud, it must find ways to maintain critical control and visibility of user access – regardless of where the data stores and applications exist – without compromising user convenience, and without saying “no” to the apps that business users rely on to do their jobs.


Today’s enterprises face unprecedented threats as they are increasing their digital operations. Security, risk and IT teams must find new ways to ensure they are securing access and ensuring compliance while supporting the speed of business. RSA provides a modern approach to identity governance that provides unsurpassed visibility combined with advanced risk-based analytics to prioritise actions and share identity insights across the security and risk ecosystem.


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